Line Count Differences Between Different User Reports

The purpose of this article is to clarify some of the reasons why there might be a difference between the line counts of one report in comparison to another. This issue normally comes up when a transcription company is running one report ( ie Transcriptionist ) to get the line count for their transcriptionists and QA people for payment and a report that shows the line count for a client for billing (Production Report). When comparing the line counts, the total lines being paid to the typists and the total being charged to the client do not match. There are a few reasons this might occur.

1. On a transcriptionist report, the TID may show up multiple times, once for the initial typing done by the typist, then again for the QA person and depending on how many levels of QA, it could appear again for every QA person who worked on the report. On the reports it would then show more lines being typed than billed for. (Figure #1) yet at the same time, the exact TID's on the Production Report show different. ( Figure #2 )

Figure #1

Figure #2


2. Check to see if the document type has additional characters assigned to it. These characters are to compensate for things like headers and footers that the typist does not type and yet should be billed to the client. This would make the totals seem lopsided toward the clients.

To get there go to Client Maintenance>"Client Code">Document Types> (select the document type and edit)>Pricing and Priority.

3. On rare cases, the transcription company maybe billing a client or paying a typist differently. One maybe being charged/paid based on Gross line while the other is based on a 65 character (or similar) per line. This will throw off any line count.