How To Set Up A User To Receive A Fax Copy Of All His Or Her Transcriptions

This article will discuss how to set up a user so that he/she will receive a faxed copy of all of his/her transcriptions. This is useful when physicians need paper copies of transcriptions and fax is the best method of delivery. There are several settings that must be in place for this feature to work. This article will go through all the options that must be selected so that none are overlooked.

1. Log into InCommand and click on the "Client Maintenance" Tab

2. Select the appropriate client and click "Enter Client Maintenance for {client name}"

3. The next screen that comes up is the Workflow. Select the "Client Defaults" folder in the workflow as pictured below:

4. Click on the "Per Page Fax Settings" menu to expand that section as shown below:

5. Find the AutoFax options as seen below. Make sure that you have a check in the option "Auto Fax". This allows autofax to be selected as an option for the individual users. You can also select one or more boxes under "AutoFax After Event" to select under what conditions the fax will be generated. The options are: Date Delivered, Date Reviewed, Date Signed, and Date Completed. Make sure that you Save your changes.

6. Go back to the workflow. If you have User Groups set up and the autofax option should be turned on for all or most users in that group, then click on the "User Groups" folder as shown below. If you do not have User Groups or it is easier to enable the autofax option for individual users, skip to step 10.

7. Select the appropriate user group and then click "Edit selected user group".

8. There are two options that need to be selected for the User Group for the auto-fax to be enabled and on auto copy. Both options are under the "Dictating Clinician Options Menu". Make sure that there is a check mark in the "Utilize AutoFax" and "Auto Copy as Associate". Keep in mind this will be applied to all users in the group. Both these options are pictured below:


9. Make sure you save any changes, and repeat steps 7 and 8 for all User Groups needing autofax & auto copy enabled. If all the Users in the User Groups will keep these autofax settings then you can skip steps 10 through 13.

10. Go back to the workflow. If you have individual Users that need to be set up for the autofax option separate from User Group Settings then click the "Users" folder as shown below:

11. Select the appropriate User and click Edit {User Name}.

12. There are two options that need to be selected for the Users for the auto-fax to be enabled. Both options are under the "Dictating Clinician Options Menu". Make sure that there is a check mark in the "Utilize AutoFax" and "Auto Copy as Associate". If you have a Physician who will not be an autofax user, but he/she is in a User Group with autofax turned on, make sure that both these settings have a red "x" by clicking in the box again. Both these options are pictured below:


13. Make sure you save any changes, and repeat steps 11 and 12 for all Users needing autofax enabled.

14. All Physicians that will use AutoFax must have valid fax numbers in the system and be entered in as Associates. If you are not already in the "Users" folder from the workflow, follow step 10 to go in. The easiest way to add the Physicians to the Associate database is to click the link towards the bottom of the list named "Copy all Users to Associates" pictured below:

15. A dialog box will ask whether you want to copy All Users, Dictating Users, or to Exit. Select the appropriate option and a new dialog will appear showing how many associates were copied. Associates fail to copy when they are already in the database.

16. The final option that must be set is the method of delivery option in Associate Maintenance. If you have only a few Physicians that will be using the AutoFax option, then follow steps 17-20 below. If there are many needing the change and individually changing the option would be too time intensive, then please submit a helpdesk ticket at or call 1-800-858-0080.  Call this phone number in United States of America with Skype: +1-800-858-0080 and the Helpdesk will apply the changes to all associates in the database with a valid fax number. Once this is completed, then all settings will be activated in the system for the Physicians to automatically receive faxed copies of their Transcriptions. You may skip the remaining steps.

17. Click on the "Maintenance" menu and select "Associates".

18. Type a few letters of the last name of the Physician and click "Search". Select the appropriate physician and click "Edit {Associate Name}" as shown below.

19. In the "Method of Delivery" Menu, select the box "Auto-Fax". Note that if a valid fax number is not in the Fax Field within the "Associate Information" menu, then a warning will appear on the screen. Both of these fields are shown below:

20. Repeat steps 18 and 19 for each Physician that needs to have their AutoFax enabled.

By following this procedure, all the settings for automatically sending a copy of the transcription to the Physician will be set. If you are having problems with Physicians not receiving faxes correctly, or receiving faxes when they should not, make sure to verify all the settings as laid out in this topic.