How to reset a transcriptionist password within InCommand

This article will explain how to reset a transcriptionist password within the InCommand application.

1.    Open InCommand and select the Maintenance tab.

2.    To verify if the Client is using a default password for their Transcriptionist, select the Defaults Sub-Tab, to the left.

3.    Expand the Password Options Section (Shown Below). If a default password is listed you will note it so it can be entered in for the MT. It will require them to change it the first time they log in.

4.    Locate the Transcriptionists Sub-Tab.

5.    To the left you will see the Transcriptionists, select the user that needs their password reset.

6.    Then select Edit Setup for this user.

7.    On the right side you will expand the Transcriptionist Information Section.

8. Select the password box and type in the default password or select the Generate Temporary password box and the system will generate a Temporary Password for you. You will want to note the password as it will not show up in the field, this is very important when generating a temporary password.

9.    At the middle/bottom of the screen select save.

10.    Give the transcriptionist their new password.