How to Set Up a User to Download Transcriptions in Preliminary

This article will explain how to setup a user in InCommand to download transcriptions in InQuiry. Currently, this download option only applies to transcriptions in the Preliminary folder and is not available elsewhere in the workflow.

After setup, InQuiry users can follow these directions to utilize this feature:

How to Download Files in Preliminary

This will allow the InQuiry user to download a "Print Template Export" of the transcription in as a Word or PDF document.

Adjust these settings found in:

InCommand > Client Maintenance > Users > Edit User > Access Rights >

  • Show Download Icon in Preliminary Folder List
  • Show Download Icon in Transcription Viewer
  • Default Download Format

Refer to the InQuiry User guide linked above for the buttons within the application that these refer to.

NOTE - If no default format is selected, PDF will be used.