Double-Spacing After A Colon Disappears

This article is intended to explain why double-spacing can sometimes disappear while typing in InScribe, the circumstances that lead up to this and a possible solution to get the spaces to stay on the report.

The circumstances that can cause this start when creating an AutoText. In this case, an AutoText was created as a heading followed by a colon and a single space. e.g. PAST MEDICAL HISTORY: (single space). The AutoText was expanded in the InScribe typing screen with a single space after the shortcut creating the heading followed by a colon and two spaces. The dictation is then copied to a new transcription.

The auto text ends in a space, and when it is expanded (by hitting "space") another space is placed after it. When typing and hitting space space, the second space is actually a non breaking space (nbsp). When HTML renders this, it doesn't like "space-space" and condenses it to just one space. When HTML renders space-nonbreakingspace, it leaves it alone (and it appears as a double space).

The solution is to type both spaces together, so that one is written as a non breaking space. To do so, remove the space from the autotext and hit "space space" to expand and add a second space.