CTRL ALT H Does Not Work

This article will explain how to fix an issue with certain laptops where the ShadowScribe key combination to bring up the Header information. This option is found under the ShadowScribe menu > Toggle Section (Ctrl+Alt+H).

Some laptop manufacturers have a hardware diagnostic tool that is bound to the Ctrl+Alt+H key combination. When these keys are pressed, the program will open instead of the InScribe ShadowScribe functionality working.

When this problem happens, you might see a window pop-up similar to one of the two images below:


If this happens, you can remove the binding of this key combination without uninstalling the HP Diagnostic Tools software.

Please do the following:

1. Find the software in your Start Menu:

2. Right click the program and select Properties.

3. In the Properties Window, under the Shortcut tab click in the Shortcut Key field.

4. Press the Delete key on your keyboard. The Shortcut Key field should now say: None.

5. Press OK to save the changes.

Now the Ctrl+Alt+H functionality will work correctly in InScribe.