Missing Text On Printout And Print Preview

This article will discuss a possible solution when printouts are missing some text that should appear on the transcription. This could be missing information in the letterhead, missing demographic information or labels. It could possibly be missing information in the transcription text itself.

Please see the two images below for an example. In the first, the text and background color on the left portion of the letterhead appears correctly. In the second image this information and coloring is missing. Please note, the text has been blurred for confidentiality:

First - Correct Information appearing on the left.

Second - Information and coloring missing from the left.

This information is missing on both the actual printout and on the print preview.

One possible reason that this error might occur is that the font used on the letterhead, demographics, or transcription text is either not loaded on the machine used to print or it has become corrupted.

1. An easy way to determine if this is the case is to open a non-DeliverHealth word processing program such as Microsoft Word and type some sample text. If a program like this is not available proceed to step 4.

2. Use the font selection pull down menu to select the font that is missing from the transcription. Please see the image below:

Note: In this example, the font "Arial Narrow" is being tested.

3. Make note of any error message that might come up or if the font does not appear in the list. If you do not receive an error message and the font is available please skip to step 8.

4. Go to the Control Panel (in Vista make sure to be in Classic View) and open the Fonts control panel. See the image below:

5. Find the font of the text that is missing from the transcription. Double click it to open it and it should open a window with text of various sizes to demonstrate the font. Please see the image below. The highlighted font opened is in the background and the sample text "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dogs..." can be seen in the foreground.

6. If the window that opens is missing the sample text or the font is not in the folder, you will need to install the font or repair its installation. If the font appears normally then skip to step 8.

7. Fonts can be found on the Windows Installation CD or on the internet. Please be sure you trust the source before downloading or installing fonts.

Please follow these instructions for installing fonts found on the Windows Knowledge Base: Windows XP and earlier: Windows Vista: Windows 7:

8. If the font is not missing or not corrupted then it is unlikely that this is the cause of the missing text issue. Please ensure that the text should actually appear in the transcription print out. An easy way to do this is if the text appears on the printout from one computer but not from another.

If this is not possible, please make sure that the missing text is actually typed in the transcription or demographic fields. If you believe this is the cause, please edit the file to include the missing text. Contact your help representative for assistance if you need it.

If the missing text is in the header or footer, it might be simply because the information has not been added yet to the Print Template. If you believe this is the cause of the missing information, please contact your help representative for assistance in creating a Print Template request.

If none of these options resolve the problem, please contact your help representative for further assistance.