Olympus Recorder Loses Dictations

If the user has an Olympus recorder, there is a small "bug" or issue with users that do NOT press the "New" button when dictating. It is not a problem with the transfer but with overwriting an existing dictation.

If you have the recorder with you, try this.

Make sure the recorder has no dictations on it.

   1. Go to the first Folder and press Record.  Dictate 1 - 15 words slowly.
   2. Now go to another folder (other than the one above) and dictate a short dictation (not important how long).
   3. Go back to the 1st folder, press RECORD and dictate A , B, C and press STOP.
   4. Now listen to that 1st file.  You will PROBABLY hear A, B, C, 4, 5,6,7...

If you were to dictate A-Z on #4 above, it would have overwritten the 1st file completed.

The reason is that when you change folders, OLYMPUS will start recording at the beginning of the last file you dictated on. YOU MUST PRESS NEW to avoid this. Doctors often feel they are moving from FOLDER to FOLDER, that they don't have to press NEW. If they press NEW every time no matter what, this problem will disappear.