Script Error When Using the Word Button In InScribe

Student editions do not support the APIs needed to link in with commercial applications. Microsoft has purposely disabled it.

This article will describe a possible cause for an error message that displays when using the Word Icon (shown below) in InScribe to attempt to edit or spellcheck a transcription within Microsoft Word.

When pressing this button, an error message appears stating that you are unable to run this in MS Word and to make sure that the application (MS Word) has been properly installed. InScribe is only supported by versions 2003, 2007 and 2010 of Microsoft Word. The error message may look similar to the one below:

Certain versions of Microsoft Word are special editions and are incompatible with Nuance InScribe. It has been discovered that the Student Edition of Word is one of these versions.

Student editions do not support the APIs needed to link in with commercial applications. Microsoft has purposely disabled it.

In order to correct this error, it is necessary to purchase and install a full version of Microsoft Word from a software retailer.

Please note the following from Microsoft's license in regards to Home and Student Editions:

"In the Microsoft Software License Terms, the "non-commercial use" text identifies the use of the product....The software is not licensed for any commercial business activities, nonprofit business activities, or revenue-generating business activities."

To find the Microsoft License Terms, follow these steps:

1. Start Microsoft Word 2007. 2. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click "Word Options". 3. On the Resource tab, Click "About". 4. Click View the Microsoft Software License Terms. The game.