Patient ID Does Not Load Patient Demographics

This article will describe a setting in client maintenance that should be checked if you are having problems loading patient information within InScribe.

A client can be set up so that a search will initiate if a Patient ID is entered into InScribe. The general procedure for this is:

1. Type a Patient ID into the appropriate field in InScribe. See image below:

2. Press the Tab or Enter key or click the mouse out of the field

3. Patient demographics load automatically. See image below:

If this is not happening as expected. Please have a manager with access to InCommand > Client Maintenance for this medical facility verify that the patient is actually in the database, found here: InCommand > Client Maintenance > Maintenance > Patient Maintenance

If this is the case, the manager should verify a setting in Client defaults found here: InCommand > Client Maintenance > Client Defaults > Interface Settings > Patient Interface Upload

In order for the Patient ID search to work, this setting must be checked.