Patient Displays are used to customize the fields that appear in InCommand, InScribe, and InQuiry. They can be used to control the types of fields you see, their order, and their display labels. They are found under Client Maintenance > Advanced Maintenance (silver bar) > Patients > Displays.

To create a new Patient Display, go to: Add New Patient Display > (System Default or other default) > Use this Template
From here, you can customize the fields around Patient Search, Appointment/Order Search, and Demographic Configuration. Use the appropriate fields to customize each field as needed.

Note: Some fields (such as Patient Age) are required to be Read-Only, and can not be changed.
After you save your patient display you must assign it to specific Document Types for use. Highlight your new Patient Display > click Assign [Pt Display Name] to Document Types > Check all relevant Document Types (all that use this) > Save.

Currently Patient Displays can only be assigned to Document Types.